SNAP-PAC historical data

Hello Guys,

I wonder which PAC software is for the storing the historical data?

Is it the OptoDataLink? I dont have much tag, is around 100. Is the OptoDataLink the best option?
Also, base on the video from Opto22, seems I have to add the Tags 1 by 1. Any tips about the OptoDataLink?

Thank you for you guys help!

For sites that are running PAC Display all the time, I use the historical logging and/or super trends in PAC Display.

For remote sites that don’t have any operators, I send the data to a metric database direct from the PAC (I’m using InfluxDB as the metric database) and use Grafana for display.

Just chiming in to agree with @philip
If you have PAC Display running, you can use super trends or historical logging.
If you don’t have PAC Display, then yes, OptoDataLink is the best option.

I believe with OptoDataLink you can make 1 tag and then open the text file and copy paste that one line and its much quicker to add the tags like that.

You can also copy/paste/edit tags directly in DataLink. It might be easiest if you can get your data in a table (or a few) and then bring those into Datalink as a complete table. You need to decide how you are going to store the data, (txt file, Db, another opto device?) This is where DataLink can get complicated (setting up a database link).