Snap memory map to groov tags help

OK, so I can map snap I/O memory maps to groov tags.

How do I use these to reset/clear the high/low values?

Clear MinMax map

I can’t seem to get them to work. I was assuming boolean, but that didn’t work.

I’m not an expert in the memory map at all, but try writing it as a 32-bit integer
(or even a float) instead of a boolean. That said: the area you’re targeting to clear those values (the 0xF01Dxxxx area) is labeled as a Read & Clear thing, so I don’t know if trying to write there is going to work at all.

To confirm whether the Read & Clear part of it works without the writes, add those addresses as tags and drop them in a Value gadget on a page somewhere. View will read them once a second or so and hopefully clear them, so you’ll know whether you’re targeting the right address at least.

Weird. It messes with the other addresses as soon as I started reading them.

… Upon further contemplation I think it was reading the value and then resetting it every read. So in the case of a float value box, every second or so…
How do I exploit that in groov to do a reset/clear… :thinking:

Yeah, that’s exactly what’s happening. Right now, we don’t have a good way of handling read & clear stuff in groov View.

A starter would be putting some sort of timer/clock for reading the tag.
Read every x sec/min/hrs/days/etc.
Read at (specific time every day)