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Rate (0.1 s data freshness) and (0.1 s data freshness).
What is the difference between them? Application in what situation?

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Which two products are you comparing? I couldn’t tell from your post. Cheers.

SNAP-AIRATE-HFi Rate (0.1 s data freshness) and SNAP-AIRATE-HFi Rate ( 1 s data freshness).

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There are two different data freshness rates or time depending on the lower frequency you want to measure.

Here is the cut/paste from the ‘Specifications’ tab for that module;
2 Hz - 500 kHz at 1.0 s Data Freshness
20 Hz - 500 kHz at 0.1 s Data Freshness

So, if you want to measure the lower frequency, you will need to give the module longer to measure the signal (since the signal is slower).