SNAP-AIMA-8 compatible with SNAP-UP1-ADS?

This problem really makes me confused.
In 1460_SNAP_Eth-Based_IO_Units_Users_Guide, page37, it says:

there, AIMA-8 is compatible with UP1-ADS

In 1065_SNAP_Analog_Input_Mods_data_sheet, page 3, it says

there, AIMA-8 is not compatile with UP1-ADS

which one shoud I choose ? and why ?

Hi leeveney, thanks for pointing out the discrepancy. I’m looking into this and will get back to you as soon as I have an answer.
Opto 22 Technical Publications

Looks like we made an error in the earlier doc (form 1460), so we’ll have to fix it.

Form 1065 is correct: all of the 8-channel SNAP analog modules including the AIMA-8 require a SNAP PAC brain (EB or SB) or an R-series controller.

Again, thanks for pointing this out!

Thanks for your reply, Jean!