SNAP-AIMA-4 showing ma reading instead of scaled reading

I have a SNAP-AIMA-4 in slot 10with a SNAP R2 controller that after about a week it stop displaying the scaled value and displays the ma reading of the device. Has anyone have this problem?

I had a little trouble at first getting the analog modules set up and calibrated too. Are you using PAC Manager or PAC Control to set up your I/O? I think in some situations, the two methods can fight each other. Is the I/O configuration saved to flash so that it loads after a reboot? Support may be able to help if you continue to have trouble with it.

I am also having this issue, I have 2 points on a aima-isrc and Instead of 0-100% or 0-362 PSI they are displaying the mA signal. I am using PAC control to set them up and it is saved to flash, these have been in place for over a year now and this problem just came up. I attempted to replace the module thinking this was the issue but came back with the same results. I haven’t verified it yet but I believe that I may have another point doing the same thing a few slots down in the rack, but others around both of these points seem to be working properly.

I came across this issue years ago on the current modules. In that case it was due to mis-ranged CT’s they were connected to. The customer had CT’s that were way way too small for the peak currents and therefore I surmised that these transients were causing the Module flash to be wiped. Once I got the CT’s fixed, the problem disappeared.
My guess is that you’re running across some transients and these may be so fast that they are not blowing the module but are causing a reset. You might try adding some 4-20mA surge arrestors on these inputs.
I think you need to re-save these to flash. To be sure you have it saved to flash, cold boot the brain/controller and recheck. Make sure you are not running a controller when saving to flash. I believe there is a problem saving to flash when something else is trying to read or write to the brain.

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