Simulate Digital/Analog Input from Groov View?

Hey All,
Is there any way to simulate the PAC Control’s digital and analog inputs from Groov view? I can simulate them from PAC Control by using PAC SIM and setting the iVALs, but I’m really looking for a way to do it from a browser using Groov View.

Have you seen/explored the Data simulator built into groov?
From build mode, click on Configure -> Devices and Tags.
From there, use the drop down box ‘Add New Device’ to add the Data Simulator.
The manual shows what each of the tags looks like.

Perhaps this will achieve what you are looking for… Its not linked to PAC Control, but it will allow you to test your groov View pages from a browser.

Thanks for that. I didn’t know about the simulator device and it may come in handy someday, but it’s not really what I’m looking for I don’t think.

What I would like is the simplest way for my customer to test and validate the logic in PAC Control before they attach all of the hardware and sensors. Giving them PAC Control with a simulator is going to be a bit cumbersome for them since they have never used (nor do they want to use) PAC Control. My idea was to give them a set of pages in Groov View that they could set the inputs to whatever and validate the outputs accordingly.

Any idea how to do that???

There are PAC control simulation commands (IvalTurnOn, IvalTurnOff, IValSetAnalogPoint). You would have to build a chart and some simulation specific variables that are modified by your groov HMI that your chart would use to call these commands. Of course, the IO unit would also need to be disabled, but there is a command for that as well.

Thank you philip. Sounds like a working solution for a few inputs, but not so much for a few dozen and not easily scaled either.

BTW, it would require the same work to setup in PAC Display as well. (To save you going down that rabbit hole)

As far as I know, PAC Control commands are the only way this can be done. If you come up with something simpler please let us know.

You can create a groov view variable, use it on slider gadget. Use node-red to get the data and send to PAC control engine running a strategy under test?

This was from my thought.