Show and Tell - Groov RIO Edition

Seeing the other hardware has a place to show off, I thought it fair little big RIO got some love too.
I really think as a community we need to share our projects a little more and bring out the positives from these amazing products. Sometimes it feels like we use this platform for problems only. Let’s keep the positive vibes going. I’ll be showing off some recent projects within the other product range soon.

So, let’s begin.

Project: Cooling tunnel control and monitoring with Groov RIO & EPIC. Energy efficiency management with each fan.

Client need: Each cooling tunnel consists of 6 fans. Each fan kiosk holds a pallet of berries which can be closed off from the rest of the tunnel to manage the temp within that specific kiosk within the specific tunnel. This project asked for 3 tunnels and 18 fans to be controlled (6 fans per tunnel). Temps monitored within the tunnels and individual kiosks. Energy efficiency is a major factor for this client.
We used Node Red to move critical data to their SQL database for certificate printing purposes.

Solution: Being called in after all cooling hardware had been installed the challenge was to fit a product small enough into an existing build. Each fan speed gets controlled via analogue signal. Each fan gets a LOCAL/REMOTE input and running signal. The Groov RIO was brought in as it hosts all the specific needs for this project and magically fitted into each control panel.

some pics of the build…

3 Cooling Tunnels

Individual Fan Kiosks:

RIO Install into existing panels (it was a tight fit and made cable management a little tricky):

I’ll gladly share some of the workings and would like to do a write up soon on the methods and control strategy used. When fruit goes into these tunnels they are placed under strict temp control protocols.


@Jakes Yes, I’d love to hear about the methods and control strategy! It would make a great story for the OptoBlog. Reach out to me at jeastburn at opto22 dot com and let’s find a time to talk :slight_smile:

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Thanks Josh, I will be in touch.

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