Show and Tell - Groov EPIC High Pressure Reactor System

I know we’re not using the EPIC to its full potential on this project just yet, but it’s diversity is what sells the product. It can be used from the smallest application to large scale PLC integration to other brands. The movement of data is where things seem to be migrating, this gives old projects new life! With all the new data movement options at our fingertips the GROOV range opens new worlds and gives old ones new hope.

This project was interesting, using stepper motors to control 40bar of pressure on a 12mm line is something very unique. The reactors operate at 250 degrees Celsius and optimally at 40bar of pressure. The flow of oxygen and raw product needs to be controlled very accurately to maintain specifications. High pressure, high heat and dangerous gases… Sometimes things can get exciting.

Project: Monitoring and control of 3 high pressure reactor vessels, high pressure pumps, variable speed drives, pressure sensors, temps, flow control and monitoring, stepper motor control and Oxygen feed control.

Client Needs: Pressure control using stepper motors and needle valves. Oxygen feed control using stepper motors and needle valves. High pressure pump control via analogue signal to variable speed drives. Pressure, temp and flow monitoring. Heat exchanger control and monitoring. Solenoid valve control.

Solution: Groov EPIC high density modules and expansion options throughout the rest of the facility was a must. Using Groov view for partners to see the process in action all over the world was another requirement. We merged an existing R1 controller panel to the EPIC so that the old system was seamlessly integrated into the EPIC build.

Pics of the action
3 Reactors standing tall:

Oxygen Flow Control - High Pressure pumps:

Shot from the PC side in the “panic room”

Groov EPIC in all her glory:

I would have liked to show a video of the valve control using the stepper motors. It’s something very unique to this project and a proud moment in control for us.


@Jakes Thank You for sharing. How is the EPIC communicating with the stepper motor controllers?

Hi Arun,

We communicate to a stepper driver that controls the motor.
We send N number of pulses (5VDC Output) to the stepper driver which in turn, turns the motor.
1 pulse = 1 step - a full revolution can be broken down into many number of steps for fine tuning.

With some clever math, monitoring the pressure we send pulses to the motor to close or open the needle valve to control.

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