Shortcut For Configuring Control Engines

Is there a file that contains the configuration for the control engines that can be copied to multiple computers instead of having to hit every computer and use PAC Terminal?

As of the just-released 9.4 PAC Project, yes! We moved that info out of the registry and it’s now included in your strategy archive. Glad you asked!

But just in case your not using 9.4 just yet…

That’s a link to our OptoKnowledgeBase Article on how to export and import the registry to move all your controllers over to a different PC with out having to do each one by hand in in PAC Terminal.

FYI, if you ARE using 9.4 or better, the file (assuming default settings on your install), lives here:
C:\ProgramData\Opto 22\PAC Project\ControllerNames.ini

It is a text file. It can be copied to another computer and merged with an existing ControllerNames.ini using something like NotePad or NotePad++.