Share data between EPICs (MQTT vs VPN)?

How do I share data between groov EPICs that are located remotely?

Right now, we have two facilities with groov EPIC installed, collecting data 24/7.
We plan to add groov EPIC to other facilities very soon.
For each facility, I have dashboard set up locally.

These facilities, while they are remote, are connected to single VPN.
We have HQ where our bosses sit. I plan to set up groov EPIC there to have a dashboard that will display data from remote facilities.

Since you already have the VPN all setup, use that.
MQTT would be for locations where there is no VPN and you needed to push the data out without needing any firewall changes etc.

The central EPIC can simply connect to each remote EPIC hostname (or IP address) and can get just the data that it needs for its central dashboard.
That central EPIC can also use its Node-RED to get any data from any remote site and insert it into a central database for any other applications that need it.

This post was based on this article: Request-response vs Publish-subscribe Architecture

On EPIC-to-EPIC data connection, are you referring to the use of Scratch Pad?

On Node-Red to Database, do you know any stand-alone, industrial robust (non-windows, no-update) device that runs a database?

EPIC to EPIC is just using native EPIC and groov View communicators. No scratch pad required.

For a non-Windows DB have you considered a Linux box with MySQL?

Oh… adding controller in Groov. I Missed thinking about that option.
But would it flood the network using this method (VPN request-response), say 1 central epic collecting data from 10 remote epic? I am curious at what rate EPIC is requesting data from remote epic.

If you have a groov Client (a web browser) looking at a page with tags on it, then groov polls just the tags on that page at once per second.
If you don’t have any web browsers open, then there is no tag data flowing.

Trends poll in the background at the rate you set in the trend gadget configuration.

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