Setpoint from PAC Display to comm handle


I am new to programming strings and RS232. I have recently put a SNAP-SCM-ST2 module into my system to run some stepper motors. I am able to put the example in from OPTO Form 1944, nStatus = TransmitReceiveString(">SetPulseFrequency(50000)", comScmStPort1, sReturn); and was able to create a program to run the motors at set speed. Now I am trying to figure out the easiest way to be able to put in a setpoint from Pac display basic to change the frequency in the TransmitReceiveString (). Thanks, Lloyd

Hope you don’t mind, but I did an edit on your post title to better reflect the question asked.

That’s Good. Yes I have put different variable types in place of the 50000 (interger and floats and strings). But I don’t seem to be able to get the module to work or read with the numbers.

Are you having trouble building the string that you need to send (converting an integer to a string), or is the string you are sending not working with the SCM-ST2 module?

Can you post what you have tried?

Here is one of the ways that I have tried

Drive_LL_speed_01 = 1000 * Transport_Man_PC2_speed_Setpoint;
NumberToString(Drive_LL_speed_01, s_Drivestring01);
Drive_LL_port_status_n = TransmitReceiveString(">SetPulseFrequency(s_Drivestring01)", LL_Drive_controller_ST1, s_driveLLSRet_vr);

The setpoint is coming from Opto display.

What error do you get when you run this?

There are no Lights on the module channel. There are no errors in the program that I am seeing.

If I replace(s_Drivestring01) with a number (1000) in line 3, the modules lights 1 and 2 come on.

You are literally sending the word s_Drivestring01 to the module, you need to concatenate the string variable with your string literals:

“>SetPulseFrequency(” + s_Drivestring01 + “)”

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Here is an example that will let you change the pulse frequency on an ST2 module from within the strategy and has been tested and functions.

Drive_LL_speed_01 = 1000 * Transport_Man_PC2_speed_Setpoint;
NumberToString(Drive_LL_speed_01, s_Drivestring01);
sCMD = “>SetPulseFrequency(”+s_Drivestring01+")";
Drive_LL_port_status_n = TransmitReceiveString(sCMD, LL_Drive_controller_ST1, s_DriveLLSRet_vr );

String variables: