Set controller IP address with a command line

I recently created a Windows batch file to download and run a strategy (I found the instructions for this in the Opto Forums, thank you!). But now I am wondering if there is any way I can add some automation to a few other steps, such as;

  • downloading firmware
  • assigning an IP address
  • updating the Browser Configurator and Server with a saved database file.

I’m just trying to save some time for a techs who are setting up new computers with a new PLC (PACR1). If none of this is really possible or worth doing then that is perfectly fine. Thank you for any feedback!


First up, welcome to the Opto22 forums!

Have you looked at the option of using a Micro-SD card?
Check out page 190 of the PAC Managers users guide for an overview of features of using the SD card to do firmware updates and putting an IP address into the controller.
It makes it possible to both clone an existing controller, keeping a snapshot of it on SD card, and it makes is easier to setup new controllers.

The one exception is your last request about the Browser Configurator and Server… Do you mean the OPCServer… That I am not sure on how you would go about doing that from a batch file.

Hi there,

We just started looking into the micrSD card. I actually just got off the phone with Kathy ( I hope that was her name!) and she really stressed using the card. It seems to do everything we need it to automatically;

  1. Update firmware
  2. Assign IP address
  3. Download and run strategy.

I’m currently working on figuring this out, so far it has got as far as a solid amber light. Doesn’t appear to auto-load the strategy? I have the .cdf file saved in a folder named “strategy”. I’m sure I just missed something simple here.

As for the other part, yes I meant OPCServer. We are really just trying to make this entire setup process a “one button” operation. We want to limit what the techs have access to as far as settings and software. If we could make it so that the server is updated with the database file without having to open the Browser Configurator that would be awesome.

What version of firmware is the controller running? We changed how the SD card works around v9.0.

I was just about to send an update. We are using 9.5g. I am working on a test PLC that already had the strategy loaded on it, not sure if that matters? But I loaded a different strategy as a test, then attempted the microSD card again and then the new strategy loaded and started fine. Not sure if it originally was seeing that it already had the same strategy loaded originally and just ignored loading it again? I hope this make sense! Anyway, the microSD card works.