Server Offline - Data May Be Stale?

We are still developing our product. My current setup is simple for creating Groov screens and working on the Strategy. Occasionally during my times of creating screens and being online with the EPIC, I will get a message across the top of the GroovManage screen of ‘Server Offline - Data May Be Stale’. I have looked at the other ‘Stale Data’ posts, but they didn’t seem like they applied. Maybe they do and I’m just missing it. This condition does not happen every time I’m connected, but often enough.
The particulars of our setup:
EPIC v1.5.0-b.42
Manage v1.5.0
Server vR1.5a
View vR4.2a (R57686) built 12/13/19
I am using a Win10 laptop to connect to the EPIC, the EPIC & laptop have the Ethernet plugged into a small hub. I did find in Settings on the Win10 laptop, that the ‘Turn off Harddisk After x minutes’ the powered & battery where both set to 10 & 20 min respectively. I set them both to ‘Never’ to see if that will help. We will be installing an EPIC in our development unit soon and I don’t want this to happen. I have the Groov ‘Log’ saved if that will help.

Hi Dave,

From a very high level this ‘data stale’ message is letting you know that there is some sort of network issue between the EPIC and the browser showing the stale message. The message clears when the browser can talk to the EPIC once again.

Please open a ticket with out support team to allow them to look at your log files as it may contain clues to help you track down any network issues.

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Thanks for all the advice & tips. I have been working with Josh Morris of Opto Tech Support on this issue. It nay have sometime to do with my test setup. I’m connecting my Win10 laptop to the EPIC-PR1 with an ‘old’ style Ethernet Hub. I will be switching to a newer Ethernet ‘switch’ soon and will reevaluate.

Just an update, after working with Opto - Josh Morris, I changed out to a true ‘Network Switch’. With my development setup of only having a laptop connected, I have not noticed any more ‘Data Stale …’ messages. This will be put to the test when we get to producing production units where the EPIC system is taxed.

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