Serial "Master Modbus Configure Port" Subroutine no available for PAC Controls

I’m in the process of switching over from OptoControls to PAC Controls and everything have converted perfectly expect for the modbus subroutines. I notice there is a new modbus for PAC Controls and notice they dont have a configure port subroutine like my old strategy has.
I have downloaded the library “PAC-INT-MB-R9.3a” but it doesn’t seem to include the configure subroutine. This modbus is for serial communication, thanks.

OptoContorls Modbus ____________________________PACControls

Not sure how the old modbus routines worked, but if you end up having to do a significant amount of work, I have a chart that may help you out. I’ve been using it for all my modbus communication that uses the current library. I’m not going to post it on here, as I would like it to be tested on more equipment first.

Configuration of the chart is like this:

//Comm Handles - You can set multiple comm handles to talk through different serial ports / TCP ports
SetCommunicationHandleValue("tcp:", chModbus);
potModbusCommHandles[0] = &chModbus;
ntModbusCommType[0] = 2; //Comm Type: 0=Serial RTU, 1=Serial ASCII, 2=TCP

And then I specify the modbus address and register I want to store in my PAC Control variable in a configuration string table with the following format (Example below)

Modbus Configuration Fields:

1- Interval (seconds),
2- Port Index (pointer table to the comm handle)
3- Device Address
4- Function Type: 1=Coil Status, 2=Input, 3=Holding Reg, 4=Input Reg
5- Starting Register Number
6- Data Type:
–0 = 16bit unsigned
–1 = 16bit signed
–2 = Floating Pt.
–3 = Floating Pt.(Swapped)
–4 = 32bit signed
–5 = 32bit signed(Swapped)
7- Multiplier - (0 to ignore and not store)
8- Storage variable name - Float, Int32 variables and tables supported
9- Allow Write: 0=Read Only, 1=Read/Write

Continuation Line
This is when the registers are consecutive, you ommit the first 5 parameters
1- * (asterisk indicates the this register number is one higher (or more depending on the previous data type) than the previous so we can do a read multiple
2- Data Type
3- Multiplier
8- Storage variable
9- Allow Write
*, Data type, Multiplier, Store Variable


stModbusReadConfiguration[0] = "1,0,1,3,1,0,.01,ntData[0],1"; //int16 holding register 1
stModbusReadConfiguration[1] = "*,1,.1,ntData[1],1";  //2
stModbusReadConfiguration[2] = "*,1,1,ntData[2],1"; //3
stModbusReadConfiguration[3] = "*,1,10,ntData[3],1"; //4
stModbusReadConfiguration[4] = "*,1,100,ntData[4],1";  //5
stModbusReadConfiguration[5] = "*,3,1.0,ftData[0],1"; //float holding register (32bit) 6
stModbusReadConfiguration[6] = "*,3,0.5,ftData[1],1"; //8
stModbusReadConfiguration[7] = "*,5,1,nData,1";  //int32 holding register 10
stModbusReadConfiguration[8] = "1,0,1,1,7,0,1,ntData[8],1";  //Coil 7
stModbusReadConfiguration[9] = "*,0,1,ntData[9],1";  //Coil 8
stModbusReadConfiguration[10] = "1,0,1,2,1,0,1,ntData[5],0"; //Digital Input 1
stModbusReadConfiguration[11] = "1,0,1,4,1,3,1,ftData[2],0"; //Input Register 1
stModbusReadConfiguration[12] = "";  //Last one must be empty string

From there I can read write to the PAC Control variables and the chart does the rest.

If this will help you, send me a PM with your e-mail address and I’ll send it over.

This subroutine is not needed in PAC Control
In the setup block of the integration kit you will set a communication handle. This is all that is needed

I documented my modbus read/write chart (which uses the 91i version of the integration kit) and it is available on my blog.

Thank you for all of your help (your blog is super helpful), But I am not sure your blog post is for the most current Modbus tool kit. (I don’t have a pink “block 8” in my modbus master chart. I am using “Modbus R9.3a, July/2015” (just downloaded it 2-15-2016 to double check). Our “Master charts” look completely different.

What you have done is super helpful. I am wanting to poll 4 ABB drives over tcp to start/stop, change speeds, # of rotations, and perhaps get/reset faults.

You’re right, just checked and I am using version 91i of the integration kit and it looks like there were a lot of changes to the subroutines on the 9.3a version. The chart I have that has the pink block 8 is not from the integration kit, it is a chart I made that uses the integration kit (91i version). If you download the zip file, it has the whole sample strategy which will have the 91i version of the subroutines.

9.4a? Where is that version? I downloaded your sample and am going over it. It’s a lot to think about/digest. Now I will have to figure out what changes need to be made to use the updated kit.
Thanks again!

Sorry, 9.3a.