Sequence of events recorder

is snap pac capable of logging data accurately down to micro or milli seconds? my initial thought was to sync opto with computers time, once an input has been made it creates a time stamp sends it to ignition so the operator can view the historical log but it would probably be goofy then thought about having an opto display to make it more accurate because i think optodisplay has a historical log feature i just dont know how fast i can make the time stamps be because i need them to be accurate. i also understand there’s time loss with the regular inputs vs high speed inputs. i basically wanna turn this plc into a sequence of events recorder.

There is a great thread on this topic here:

Take a full and careful read and please come back to ask any extra questions. Its something that a few of us here are super interested in.

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100s of ms - yes
10s of ms - maybe, care will be needed in design
1s of ms - unlikely
µs - :crazy_face:

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