Sending Tables From SoftPAC Strategy to SNAP-PAC-R1 Strategy

I am currently using the built in recipe manager in PAC Display. However after analyzing everything, I am trying to send over 1,250 values (floating point) by a push of a button. Sometimes this takes over 10 seconds to finish and sometimes this errors out before it completes. I want to utilize SoftPAC to send the values in a more efficient way.

This is what I’m trying to use:
PAC Display running on the local PC
SoftPAC running on the same local PC
SNAP-PAC-R1 (this is a wireless Ethernet connection)

I have used other (brand) processors in the past and this is usually done with a simple message instruction. Basically, all I want to do is copy 20 float tables with a length of 50 from the strategy running on the local PC (SoftPAC) to the strategy running on the SNAP-PAC-R1. How do I go about this with this type of setup?

We used to throw around similar sized recipe files, and never had any issues, but it was always to wired controller.
My guess is that the Wifi is buffering some of those 1250 values and that’s where the 10 seconds delay / dropped values is occurring.

Since you have two controllers AND you have the 1250 values broken into 20 tables I would be looking at using the scratch pad area.
You could break it into 20 chunks and mange the data transfer to each chuck via a chart.
Take a look at the PAC Control command reference guide and check out the scratch pad area commands, as you do I think you will find a way that you are comfortable moving the data between the two controllers as needed.

Lastly, because you are using SoftPAC, you can have another chart move those float tables to the file area of the controller which is in effect the computer hard drive and thus you end up with the same result as the PAC Display recipe file… the data will be on the PC hard drive.

I’ll dive into that once I have a little time. Seems pretty straight forward. Thank you for the response.