Sending Ethernet Drive Data From CODESYS to PAC Control


I am looking to send ethernet drive data through Node Red to PAC Control. Currently, I am able to read information from the drives in node red, I can see the driven output in the message panel on the LHS of the display. ]I’m using a MODBUS TCP connection.

How do I push the information to PAC Control so that I can start manipulating it?



Hi Daniel. Welcome to the forums!

You can push/pull (read/write) data from Node-RED to PAC Control via the PAC Control nodes.
In Node-RED, just click on the menu, then manage pallet, the on the install tab, search for ‘contrib-pac’ and install those nodes.

You can then just move your drive data into an out of those PAC Control variables that you set up in your strategy to handle the drive data.
Don’t forget to make those variables ‘public’ and give them read/write access as required.

Lets know if you have questions.