Sending an email from PAC Control on an Epic controller


I’ve been working with an Groov Epic on my desk at my home office (actually the new learning center). The unit has a hard wire connection right into my wireless router and is set up for DHCP using Eth0. Gateway and DNS settings are set to automatic as well.

I’m trying to send an email from a PAC Control strategy (using a gmail account) and using the SendEmail command. This is something I’ve done in the past using a PAC Controller and didn’t have a problem. In the status variable after execution of the command I get a -412, which isn’t even a listed status code. Doing an error lookup reveals it’s a ‘Ethernet: Cannot connect error. Check IP address and subnet mask’. This doesn’t seem to make sense to me…

However, setting up a simple Node-Red flow using an email output node with the same account and server settings, the email is sent successfully. This is done from the same Epic.

Has anyone had any similar experiences?

Any further information on this?

I had reason to dig into emailing from an EPIC today…

Sadly (?), it works just fine.
EPIC Firmware version 1.3.2-b158 (the current version - at the time of this forum post).

Here is the optoscript I used to test it - Just paste into a block that will run once. Change the user/password and recipient email address.

arrstrServer[0] = ""; // User Account
arrstrServer[1] = "somePassword";              // Password
arrstrServer[2] = "";      // Server
arrstrServer[3] = "587";                     // Port#
arrstrServer[4] = "tls";                    // "ssl", "tls", "none"

arrstrRecipients[0] = "";      // Recipient list
arrstrRecipients[1] = "";                         //This blank ends the recipient list

arrstrBody[0]   = "Email From a Controller";  // Subject line
arrstrBody[1]   = "Hello:";                  // Body starts here
arrstrBody[2]   = "From EPIC";               // Could have been combined above
arrstrBody[3]   = "This is an email sent from an EPIC ";
arrstrBody[4]  = "";                        // 1st blank element = body end
arrstrBody[5]  = "This is not included in the body.";

emailStatus = SendEmail(arrstrServer, arrstrRecipients, arrstrBody);