Send Groov user name to PAC Control

System: Groov Epic 1.1.0-b47
Software: PAC Control 10.2 Basic

I have an application which will have multiple work stations which are each user restricted, but may have different users accessing the station at different times.

I need to know who has logged into the station while it is active so the PAC Control program can make a report including who the current active user is, is this possible? Maybe through Node Red?

I had thought about creating a unique Groov page for each user so when they access the specific page it can tell PAC control who they are, but this seems excessive.

At present, there’s no real way to get at that information. Internally, we’ve solved that by just having a page where operators tick a checkbox next to their name when they clock in and out for the day.

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We had to drastically rework how authentication and user management works to support the PR1, and that work was released in R3.5a.

From R3.5a to present the logger to search for is com.opto22.groov.server.servlets.AuthenticationServlet, but, and I cannot stress this enough, scraping logs is not going to give you a stable way of looking into the system. I don’t make any effort to avoid changing logs.

Sample sign in/sign out logs as of R4.1b:

 [java] 09:30:22,026 INFO  [qtp1170727939-13] c.o.g.s.s.AuthenticationServlet - User 'user' (1) signed in with session id 'cvlkvevlinsne1v8ch4a111f'.
 [java] 09:31:06,382 INFO  [qtp1170727939-16] c.o.g.s.s.AuthenticationServlet - User 'user' (1) signed out.

Oh ok, I just checked and I do have a PR1