Selectively Play Audio File

For example, a fire occurred in Room A. Smoke sensor is triggered, would it be nice if Groov EPIC can access speaker and play a recorded audio saying that there is fire in Room A.

We have had customers do this with SNAP-PAC, the same concept would work with EPIC… digital output module to MP3 player.
You can get ‘addressable’ MP3 players, that play a given message when a digital output is turned on.
A quick google should get you started.

Thank you Beno.

I will take a look at it. I was specifically referring to the speaker connected to the web browser.
This comes to mind since we will be using a Groov browser for operator instruction on each machine.
It will be cool if there is Recorded Audio Notification when a situation happen.
Since Groov is using web browser, It might be possible to access its speaker.

Unless it doesn’t have a speaker. :slight_smile:
Groov View has no idea of the hardware platform or operating system associated with a web browser on a client device. That’s the beauty of groov, no hardware access, no plugins, no add-ons, 100% pure and natural. Its what makes groov the only multiplatform solution out there and avoids the traps that other suppliers fall into.

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Can’t agree more. The decision of using a web browser is awesome, no Windows needed thus cost less.
But in line to this, is there a limit to number device with web browser accessing Groov EPIC at the same time?

Say that we have 50 Machine with 1 PLC, we plan to use only only 1 Groov EPIC to collect data on these machine. Each Machine has a browser that shows the state of the machine. Where is the limit or bottle neck in this case?

Thank you.