Security on Display runtime

Hello everyone,
I use a SNAP PAC R2 with a PacDisplay HMI and I would like:

  • View the name and group of the logger user permanently on a view.
  • Retrieve this information at the level of my strategy.
  • Add users and change passwords in runtime.
    Is there a solution?


I am not sure if you are still looking for a solution to this but I think I’ve found a way to get at least a few of these things accomplished.

  • View the name and group of the logger user permanently on a view
  • Retrieve this information at the level of my strategy

Yes, you can do this and the only way I know how to do it is to do both simultaneously. There is an option in PAC Display Configurator -> Configure -> Runtime -> Security -> Runtime Logging. This allows you to create a log that gives a time stamp and user name/user group to everyone who logs into PAC Display. You could use PAC Control to read this log file and parse the strings to see the Username/Usergroup of the person logged in. Now the information is in your strategy and you could display it in PAC Display if you wanted.

  • Add users and change passwords in runtime

Unfortunately I do not know of a way to do this. The user’s are configured as a part of the project, so adding them on the fly may not be possible. So for now, I believe it is No, but I will see what else I can find out.



I too am interested in displaying the current user that is logged in to PAC Display.
I spent a good part of the day trying Kyle’s method but determined that it’s just not practical, for at least my application. If I’m understanding this method correctly, I would need to install an FTP server on the computer that is running PAC Display, then through the control strategy get the file using an FTP comm handle (controller acting as the client), then parse the file to find the last user that logged in. Just seems like a lot work to get the user name. As well as installing an additional piece of software on a machine is an extra expense. I’m thinking the cost of the software, labor to install and potential labor for trouble shooting.
So instead, I’m using a button in PAC Display that pops up window with the user name. It works, but doesn’t get the user name in the strategy.

Sounds like a good feature request for PAC Display!



I’m glad you’ve got something working, even if its not ideal.

You could send information to your PAC via the RESTful API for free, and easily, with something like Node-Red installed on your PAC Display PC.

Another method could be if you have access to SoftPAC. It could also be used to read/write to a file and send data to your remote PAC.