Script in gadget?

I keep wanting to interpret certain tags and display different values in a gadget. Is there no gadget that would allow some basic script to format and return values? For example, let’s say I have a numeric table that stores some number of values. I could just display those values, but Ideally I would be able to massage the result a bit. Maybe the value is ‘1’…I might want to display ‘Good’ instead…or if it is ‘2’…maybe ‘Bad’. Likely not the best example, but I think you get the idea. I feel like I shouldn’t have to go back to the control layer to create new tags for display in Groov. Heck, it would be even cooler to have a gadget that accepted multiple tags that I could then make use of in this script. Then I could do some high level analysis. Let me know if I am missing something…I haven’t gone too crazy just yet with my interface. All being said, I am not sure how I could make due without Groov on my phone…life saver! :slight_smile: