Schematic and Wire Diagram Software

We recently purchased a custom made packaging machine and I’m planning on making several minor additions and modifications to the machine. I’m not a machine maker and am brand new to automation, Opto22 products and custom machinery. I have purchased a SNAP PAC system and am ready to create my schematics and wiring diagrams for the modifications I want to make. I’m not a “hardware guy” and have very little experience with the software tools commonly used. I’m wondering what software applications are commonly used to design the schematics and subsequent wiring diagrams for automated machinery? AutoCAD is out of my budget, I’m looking for something more entry level but with enough features to be useful. I have used Eagle CAD a few times but it seems more tailored to PCB design than automation and control systems.

So short version of question: What software do you recommend for circuit design?


I have found that TinyCad works good very User friendly and free and easy to make your own library components.

We use TurboCAD - much less expensive than AutoCAD but a very powerful CAD program.

Draftsight is an other alternative to autocad pluse free

Thanks for the suggestions guys! TinyCAD looks promising for my needs but I’m tempted by TurboCAD as I can use it for some parts I’m designing as well. I think I’ll start with TinyCAD. I checked around on the product pages on the Opto22 site and didn’t see a symbol library, if I create custom symbols I’ll post them here for others.
Thanks again for the replies!

We have CAD files for the modules, just click on the ‘Downloads’ tab for each product, if we have the CAD files, they will be there.
(Remember, the brains and rack controllers are the same size, so you only need the one CAD file for the one device etc).

Lets know if you are looking for something other than modules, racks, brains etc of the SNAP range.

My vote is for TinyCad too. I made a simple symbol library covering some of the modules that I’ve used, it is attached here. I am by no means a TinyCAD power user, but if it helps, great!