Schedule Tool Kit for PAC Display


Will OPTO22 come up with a PAC Display Configurator Tool Kit to handle calendar scheduling?

We have been able to program a work around but it has become very cumbersome to maintain. I saw in other HMI products that a scheduling tool kit is available that can be assigned say to a digital output tag that can be turned ON or OFF on-schedule without the need for any code programming.

Thanks in advance for your replies.


Hi Pons.

Scheduling is a really application specific task.
What works at a hospital, might not work for an oil refinery, or a factory, or a test facility or a solar plant etc.
To build a schedule template that will work and be flexible in all industries and installations would be a monumental task.

PAC Project gives each user the tools they need to custom build exactly what they need for their application.

Case in point, you have already built something for your application.
Sounds like it has matured and evolved a bit (as is often the case). Now that you have a better scope of works and experience, you can step back and come at the solution with more experience and hindsight.

Post your thoughts and lets see what the community comes up with (if you like).


Although this requires some additional code in your strategy, many of our customers like: this example (the Time of Day Scheduler Example–be sure to download the Tech Note too).

FYI, we’ve listed that example and others here in the “Greatest Hits” sticky post under “Code Samples and Tips” which I use a lot to find my favorite examples.