"Scanner type not registered correctly - (null)"

Opto Browser Configurator will often give the error “Scanner type not registered correctly - (null)”. Both the server / client should be on the same computer / “localhost”, so it should not be an issue w/ DCOM configuration. I am unsure how to proceed, the one other forum post discussed the registry, but I checked the “registry checker” and have my .dll files in there, although there is one (“BrowserItems_IDB.dll”) that is saying “Key not found”. I am not sure how to make it find that key or how to register the scanner type so that when opening the .idb file in the Broswer Configurator works as expected.

Just to be clear, it works some of the time Ok?

Can you suggest any insight as to what changes that makes it break?

When I have had issues like this (which typically happened after installing a newer version of PAC Control) it was because something didn’t update correctly on install. I would stop any OPC client services and then run the PAC Project install again. Reboot, then test again. That usually fixed it for me. Product support is usually pretty good at helping with these issues as well.

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Oh sorry, we have a pilot plant facility, so of around 20 systems, some with snap, some with groov, all with pac pro, and keeping each plant separate with their own controller and associated PC & network. So some plants work with no probelms, and some have this error message, and I cannot find any sort of common thread.

I did a recent install of an opc bridge, but did not re-install pac project, so I will try that. It is relatively recent, 10.5a I believe, but will try the update & reboot, thanks!

I tried to do a full pac install, but I kept getting error messages for all the OPCServer installs:
“An error occurred while trying to replace the existing file:
DeleteFile Failed; code 5
Access is denied.”
“Retry to try again [did not work], Ignore to skip (not recommended [but what I did], or Abort to cancel installation”

What should I try now? I do have administrator rights so I am not sure what is being referenced by “Access is denied”. Should I manually uninstall the entire OPTO22 package?

Sounds like there is an OPC client that is keeping the OPC Server up and running. Make sure all OPC client processes are stopped - if they are coming from elsewhere on the network, maybe take the computer off the network, reboot, then install.

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