Scale with SNAP-AILC Application?

I am working in a batch application
It has an storage tank seated on 4 load cell connected to a module ANAP-AILC
I have big oscillation on the reading when the batch pump is started.
I applied the maximum filter weight value (255) but it is not sufficient to make the reading stable when the pump is running.
I would like to see a sample of scale application

I will appreciate any collaboration.
Best regards,
Maximo Lugo

We have lots of scales and do batching her too but always have a summing board for the load cells and used a Toledo, Puma or other manufacturer’s display with either 4-20ma or RS-232/485 out going to a corresponding input. With this setup and proper isolations from pumps, pipes, using flex spools we do not have any problems with stability unless there is a bad low cell or noise getting into the signals.