Save-As in PAC Control

I have a strategy which I want to use as a template for another project. If I open that strategy in PAC Control and do as Save-As, it doesn’t bring over the Archive or Subs folder and who knows what else, they still live in the old folder.

So here is what I did. I opened my template strategy, did a Save-As with the new name, loaded it BACK into PAC Control and archived it. Now I had what I needed, I just needed to change the archived folder name to something comprehensible and I could go to work.

All of this begs the question: Why do I have to go through all these steps? Why can’t I just do a Save-As and get everything??

Or am I missing something.



I’m not surprised that “save as” didn’t “bring over” the Subs folder, since the main idea of Subs is that they can be re-used by many. Having multiple copies of that shared Sub could get very confusing. Ditto the archive folder, since that would be the archives of the original strategy, not your newly saved-as one.

However, if you want a complete copy or backup of all the relevant files in a strategy, just do an archive. That’s what it’s for.

Make sense?