S2 RTU to AB 525

I am trying to get comms established via an S2 serial port and the DSI port on a Allen-Bradley Power Flex 525 Vfd.

The problem is that I cannot get a response from the 525 and I have tried everything I can think of. I set up everything as expected, the port setup and RTU integration kit and have made it a simple 03 request, so no special settings required in t he AB because I am not trying to write, just read. All I get is a timeout error, which is expected because I never get a rec light.

I have tried changing the baud rate on both sides, changed the term/bias to all settings while swapping the leads TX/RX, and I never get a response.

I have the EnetIP connected to the PC so I can see what is going on and make changes on the fly to the 525.

I even checked for signal on pins 4 & 5 on the RJ45 to the AB and got that as well as replacing the RJ45…unfortunately AB has decided that free tech support on their drives is not free anymore as of last month. Now you have to pay for tech support on a VFD drive you buy from them…oh well back to the good old days.

Any ideas?

Ok, turns out that the AB Power Flex 525 DSI port only works with 2 stop bits even though the default is 1.

For the comm handle set: “n, 8, 2”

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