S1, R1 controllers and OPC

Hello everyone, can the PSC S1 or R1 controller be configured as an OPC Server or OPC Client?
If so how should it be configured?

You need to use the Windows ‘OptoOPCServer’ software.


The PAC controllers themselves cant do it, they need to communicate via the OPC server software.
It’s included with PAC Project Pro.



Google Translate: Thanks! I know this OptoOPCserver, and I want two devices to communicate directly using OPC. Can EPIC do it?

No, EPIC is an OPCUA server only.
So you cant have one controller be a server and the other a client.

Seems a very odd request to have two controllers communicate back and forth via OPCUA.
Can you explain why you want that function? Two Opto controllers exchanging Information with OPCUA?

Google translate is great.
Thank you! My factory customer mentioned this issue to me, no specific device model has been mentioned yet. I’m here to ask and give him a reply. Not a common problem. :grinning:
Maybe controllers with different protocols from two different manufacturers may use this method to realize data interconnection.