Running PAC PRO in Win 11 Professional OS

I read there will be a new version of PAC PRO release soon and was wondering if this will support WIN 11 Professional? Also have anyone run the current PAC PRO 10.4 on a machine with WIN 11 Pro?

Our QA team is testing it with Win 11 at the moment, there are more than a dozen guys in Opto that are running Win 11 (myself included) and are running PAC PRO with zero issues, but my comment is not an endorsed approval, just letting you know we have not found any issues - yet.

As for ‘soon’. It was released last week.

Oh yes I see 10.5 now and am indeed surprised it is not fully WIN 11 supported. I am in the process of ordering 16 Dell PC’s for our control room and some workstations thus am up in the air for either Win10 or Win 11 PRO. My thoughts are to play it safe with 10 Pro.

I’ve had some minor issues online editing in Windows 11. Other than that it runs just fine.