Running Ignition EDGE in 2 hour trial mode

Firsly can someone confirm that it is possible to run Ignition EDGE and especially its MQTT functionality in trial mode on a groovBox with registered SOLO or PLUS licenses. As an OPTO22 Distributor we want to be able to loan groovBoxes for customers to “try before you buy” in their installations in 2 hour trial mode. My understanding is that this should be possible without having to have a registered ENTERPRISE license installed.

For anyone using Ignition EDGE in trial mode after two hour limit, you will be prompted on the configuration webpage to restart Ignition EDGE for another two hours functionality, which is quite reasonable. However what is not so obvious is that for Groov View/Build this will not be sufficient. Tags associates with Ignition EDGE’s OPC Server will show the following tag error, which is not the most informative message. In other occasions you may receive a message telling you that groov is in trial mode, which it isn’t.

The obvious action is to restart the Ignition Edge module for another two hours, but that does not resolve the problem. The not so obvious but correct solution is to complete reboot the groovBox, which you can do from the groov admin left menu bar, System > Restart groov.

Another problem associated with unlicensed Ignition EDGE version that does not occur with the licensed EDGE running on a groov enterprise licence. That is the online documentation is simply not available!

I am running groov admin 1.570.48.45236, but when you press Online Documention from the Ignition EDGE front webpage, the following appears. (Note is the groovBox running Ignition Edge and it appears the files are either not accesible or installed.

If you try to get help formn the Ignition EDGE options, e.g. MQTT Documentation

This is the result

In this case it seems to be trying to access an external web location, which is not being allowed as it is requesting a secure connnection with user credentials.

There is a possibility that this is something messed up on the admin 1.570.48, but I suspect its more to do running an unlicensed version of Ignition EDGE on a 2 hour trial. Without online documention, its pretty much impossible for a new user to set up Ignition on the groovBox. I.e. We need the documentation back!

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Good evening, George @gmitchell.
I have a registered SOLO license and can confirm that Ignition Edge runs in trial mode for 2 hours on my groov Box.

Re the link to the Cirrus Link documentation: I installed the MQTT Transmission module in my groov Box, and successfully got the webpage when I clicked the More > Documentation link.
In your case, had the 2 hour trial expired when you clicked that link? I’m just guessing, but maybe your browser was open to that page, then the trial expired, and then you clicked the documentation link. (The word “Hibernate” in the error message might be a clue.)
Opto 22 Tech Writer

Nope. The documentation link never worked either within or outside the 2 hour frame.

But good news. After seeing that even I couldn’t even add Node-RED nodes to my pallet library, I decided to take drastic measures and reset the groovBox to factory defaults. It now appears to be working perfectly and can find the inbuilt documentation.

Unlicensed Ignition EDGE still requires the groovBox to be power cycle the groovBox in order to reestablish Groov View communications with Ignition EDGE.

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I know this is an old thread but I can’t even get into Edge trial mode. I get this screen:

This is what the docs show:

What am I missing???

Hello “born2see”. I think probably you are missing a bigger screen :). If you scroll down a bit more you will find the option to actually save and apply these changes. Until you save the option “Enable and run Ignition Edge at startup” changes are not being applied and the ignition EDGE gateway is not being started. Also,as not saved, next time you startup, the option will be unchecked again.

Once you press the save button, the following should appear

If this doesn’t solve the problem, it could be that you have some sort of disk corruption. In which case, reinstalling the admin image could help. But thats probably a last option not a first option