Run Chart at Display open?

Hey guys,
I have a selection of UI related “state” variables that I need to reset each time Display is opened (or closed). I am not seeing any way to do this…granted I am still on my first cup of coffee :slight_smile: . All thoughts are appreciated!

Don’t know of any standard functionality for changing values on startup.

My first thought is to try doing something with PAC Display alarms - I think you could setup fake alarms that could then set another variable through the Alarm Notification Option. It’s just a thought, don’t know if it will work, but let us know how it turns out.

Since Pac display is what downloads recipes there may be a way to have a startup recipe, the hard part would be doing it on closing. It’d be easy with a “finished” button or something though that should be pushed before closing.

These variables are used to track if a window is open or not. We have certain windows that shouldn’t be opened multiple times to avoid temporary variable conflicts, etc. Maybe there is a better way to limit a window to a single instance?

Something like disable the menu commands, and hide the open window button based on a variable set when you click it. When you use the close button clear that variable to re-enable the open button. (Or clear it after it’s safe to do so in your strategy.)