Rugged, remote cameras

Hi All,
Can anyone recommend a groov-friendly camera they’ve installed in a remote location? Even better if it has a solar option, and a way to connect via wireless…

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Hi mary,

We have tried here in our office Avigilon Outdoor cameras, we can access the camera via Groov remotely.

Thanks, kevincnh! Looks like they have several models, do you remember which one worked well for you?

just to reiterate, any camera that serves up a .jpg file should work. As Ben pointed out in another post “If you can hit that URL with Firefox or Chrome and see a single image, you should be fine to use that camera with groov.”

So when looking for a camera make sure it can do this otherwise the possibilities are limitless…okay, not really be it should be pretty vast :slight_smile:

We have had good luck with Hikvision cameras at our facility. They are Chinese so some translation is needed to get them to work, but after that they have been very durable in our cold storage facility (low temps, high humidity, SO2 gassings).

I personally have not used them, but our sales office in Germany has many groov customers using Hikvision and liking them a lot.

it does not need to access the camera directly.
It is possible to access camera server software from groov.

Camera Server Software: