Cameras for Groov video gadget

I am looking for a good quality outdoor dome camera that works with the video gadget. Can anyone make a recommendation? Thanks.

Some suggestions here;

I use HIKVISON’s webcam, which works well with Groov.

Would you mind sharing the Hikvision camera model number? Thanks.

DS-2CD1321,DS-2CD2125 ,These two models are indoors. Two other models are outdoor waterproof, but I forgot their models. Their technical support says that snapshot function (Groov video) is a basic function, and most models support it.

Hi Everyone, this may be a little off topic but not really :slight_smile:

I have managed to connect my HikVision camera to the video gadget on my Groov Box. I can view the image on my local network without a problem, in build and Groov App. I have done all my port forwarding on my router and can connect without issues to my Groov Box from outside my network over the internet. However, the camera image will not display.

Is this because the camera IP will also need some Port Forwarding? Does Groov not handle this connection once the gadget is connected?


I believe there is an option to “proxy” the camera connection on the groov video gadget - that is what you want.



Thank you very much Philip. That worked!

Are you using a https url for your camera? Try using a http one - and also make sure the camera doesn’t require authentication (login). The groov needs to access it anonymously.

See Can't Display Video URL in Groov

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