RS232 to RJ45 on PAC-R2

RS232 to RJ45 on PAC Controllers… is it possible without a serial to ethernet device server?

Could you give us a little more info on this one?
For example, you could run your RS232 into the serial port on the controller (or a SNAP-SCM-232 module) and have a chart that listens to the serial port and spits out what it hears on a TCP port… But is this what you mean?

Hmm… I usually run my modem to the serial port on the controller but what if my DB9 cable was terminated with an RJ45 at the other end. With a device server such as a Lantronix UDS-1100, I am able to do this (serial to ethernet conversion) and I will be able to control multiple serial devices with just their IP’s without being limited by the number of serial modules on the rack. But of course, on a PC it’s just a COM port redirection (through software). But I am not sure if this is even doable for anything other than OEM I/O

This was just an idea I happen to come accross with as I was researching about door access control systems, though.