Rotating PAC Runtime Windows

Not sure if this has ever been asked before, but is there a way to use or program PAC Display / Runtime to rotate viewing of Windows with no human interaction? Kind of like a screensaver, it would change windows after a certain time period, and run that way forever.

The plan is to put a Runtime monitor in the lobby and have it run through certain screens for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

depending on your application and programming skills, i’d look at a web solution like groov, however i’m not sure if groov can cycle windows like you are asking.
if you are looking for a pac display solution, there is a 2 step process to do this.
in your strategy, configure a variable (ie: nv_WindowShow) that counts up with a delay for the time that you want the window to stay open for. after the delay increment the variable until you get to the maximum number of windows you want to cycle through. when you hit the maximum, reset the variable to 0. each time the variable in the strategy is incremented, a new window will pop up on pac display.
then open pac display configurator, click on Configure->Window State… and open the window manager dialog. Click Add and type a name for the window trigger and then click Pop Window and select the window you want to open. Then click Trigger and select the variable you configured in the strategy to trigger the window. the default is Current value >, change to =. enter the value you want to open your window from the strategy (ie value of 1 pops a particular window, value of 2 pops another window, value of 3 pops the next window etc…).

so when it all ties together, your strategy’s variable will trigger the window that needs to be displayed creating the rotating effect you are after.

hope this helps

[I]groov [/I]+ the Chrome plugin called “Revolver Tabs” could do the trick (and it’s a treat to use)!
We have a video, coming very soon, but it’s super easy to install/set up…

Thank You Nick, I will give that a try.

Thank You Mary, I read the outline on “Revolver Tags” and it sounds like it will work. Plus, it gives us a reason to use the Groov box.