Rockwell Software DF1 Protocol to Groov

Can we communicate via DF1 Protocol to a Groov Box using the Serial Port Nodes in Node RED?

Keep in mind that ‘anything’ Node-RED can do, we can do on a groov Box.
So in effect, this is a 99% Node-RED question, not a groov question (and I might move this post to the Node-RED category to get more appropriate eyes on the question).

That said. It would seem that DF1 only has light support in Node.JS and none in Node-RED.
Looking at the usual does not show anything.

BUT, there is this node on NodeJS…
To use this npm module you will need to follow this guide;

There is also this project (from 6 years ago) that might be worth a prod;
Also this project for the Pi claims that it can run DF1 over RS232; You might get some tips from following some clues from it.

BUT, all that said, why not just use Opto?
Once its in a PAC Controller, it is dead nuts easy to hook that to groov… Skip Node-RED all together.

Also if I remember correctly, df1 is a really nasty protocol and I believe the flavor is specific to the hw being talked to such as slick 5 or vfd drive, etc.