RIO Save to flash / custom data access area not persisting

I’m setting up the custom data access area in a RIO so that I can stream the data I need from one contiguous block of memory.

The OptoMMP protocol guide has this comment on the Status Area Write:


I confirmed that writing 3 to this address does indeed store the scratch pad area, but I’m not sure what the “all remaining configuration areas are autosaved to flash” means.

I would think it would mean all areas of the memory map are persistent (with exception of the scratch pad), however I can’t get the RIO to remember my custom data access area settings after a reboot. It does persist other items such as my streaming config - but of course it starts streaming a bunch of zeroes since the custom data access area is wiped out which is perplexing.

Is this a bug?

Yes it is.
Thanks for the detailed report.
The firmware guys have been able to reproduce it and have submitted the bug report.
At this point I don’t have a version the fix will be in, but will drop back here and update this thread if I find out.

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