RIO MQTT broker setup

Why am I getting Invalid value in the Broker URL when SSL is selected?

If I remove SSL, then I don’t get the error, but of course that will do me no good.

Found this in a screenshot in the docs:

https??? What protocol are we using here?

I took another guess and prefixed with ssl:// and it took it. Now to see if it works or not.

ssl:// is the correct prefix and should work if you use SSL and tcp:// if you don’t use SSL.

That screenshot is wrong. We will try and find it and get it fixed.
As @gerhardK said, there are only two options tcp:// and ssl:// There should have been a hint given in that dialog box before you put your URL in if I recall correctly

The screenshot is in the RIO manual (might be in the PR1 as well since they are similar) in Chapter 5, section “Changing SSL Security Features for Sparkplug”.
It would be good if the ssl:// option were documented as well.

So far, I have not had success in getting MQTT sparkplug to work - I’m sure I’m doing something wrong somewhere. Are there any logs or anything to help troubleshoot?

Unfortunately there are no logs in Firmware v2.0.2, it has been added to 3.0.

Looking forward to the logs. @bensonh was a big help with troubleshooting yesterday.

We were not able to get the RIO MQTT to work when using a LetsEncrypt certificate on the broker. Since the RIO doesn’t have a trusted root store, I have uploaded the LetsEncrypt intermedieate CA cert (Let’s Encrypt Authority X3) into the Client SSL section which is the CA that signed the certificate on teh broker. However, that doesn’t seem to be working.

I have also tried the root CA (ISRG Root X1) by chance, which didn’t work either. Putting the root and intermediate into a chain cert didn’t work as well (and it seems like the RIO only looks at one of the certs when using a chain cert, based on the decoded output, but it could be just the way the decoder works). Logs as to why would be incredibly helpful - right now I am just guessing as to the problem.

I think I am going to try this on my PR1 to see if I have the same issue - since I have shell access wouldn’t I be able to look at a log somewhere?

Put the same setting in the PR1, and it worked right away. Not sure why the RIO doesn’t.

RIO firmware is 2.0.0-b.92
PR1 is 2.0.0-b.71

I have the PR1 looking at the RIO as an IO unit through PAC Control. The deadband settings on the RIO IO points are ignored.

Will it be possible to set MQTT deadbands in PAC Control in the future? This is very important for analog points on low bandwidth/metered bandwidth connections. I would want this capability on variables as well when they are set to public access.

Updating the RIO to 2.0.2 solved the issue.

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