Restrict users from PAC Display?

I know that I have had this discussion directly with you guys in the past. Of course, I can not find reference to it at this point! We have a client who is actively modifying our Display code which creates support (and possibly liability) issues. Restricting Control is easy enough. I can remove all files minus the idb at release time. However, what can I do for Display without having a compiled runtime? I seem to remember some sort of fancy trick using file encryption? All thoughts are appreciated…thanks in advance! :cool:

Ok…did I really just find a password protect option in Display? How have I not seen that before? Oy vey…

Well, be careful with the password feature. I used a generated password which was pretty long and included random characters. Display saved it, but couldn’t open the project using it. I am guessing the password was truncated or some of the characters rejected. I am playing with it now to find the limitation.

For example…try using this as a password on a new project…
Sdde NiXi M2bY d1Vk GDNa EU53 aMGD gDdh U2pT ESsg dPQ=

EDIT: It looks like it has to do with length. I tried a more normal password 12 characters in length…no spaces…same issue. I currently have one that is 7 characters that works just fine.

Thanks for the insight there. It is probably a bug, help says: “[I]Passwords can contain up to 255 characters[/I]” I would e-mail support with what you found.

Apparently 11 is the current max, even though the help claims 255. The developer has a fix which will be available in the upcoming 9.5 release. Thanks for letting us know!