RESTful feature

I upgraded my S1 PAC controller to firmware 9.5, and tested the RESTful feature. I can read the data in the PAC through the IE. Excuse me, can I write data through the IE to S1 PAC? What should we do if we can do it? Like this, “”"".



The value you want to write needs to go into the body of a post request. You can’t do this directly in the browser unless you create a html document to do so.

You may want to try a utility like Postman, which is a Chrome App that allows you to make get, put and post requests.

Hi RESTful fans,
You can also do a write using [U][B]this peer-to-peer example[/B][/U], FYI.
Enjoy the REST of your day! (Har)

Hello everyone。 Who has C# example code, read and write data in R1, using RESTful.
Thank you very much.

Did you get your C# code going? We have more samples coming very soon on

Thank you .I’ll be concerned.

.NET Controller SDK for SNAP PAC
Is that?

No, here’s one example for reading (the write should be coming soon):

Thank you.
This code uses the RESTful feature. “.NET Controller SDK for SNAP PAC” is using the OptoMMP protocol . Am I right?

No, the .Net OptoMMP SDK is for OptoMMP.
The “controller SDK” (one of our newer ones) is for communicating w/the controller and it’s strategy tags. This page has more descriptions of each: