Restarting the Groov trial?

How do I restart the trial? I downloaded it yesterday, and I really like it. I had some weather sensor data from my Opto22 rack displayed in just a few minutes before the 2 hours was up.

Now, I need to work with the trial enough to get my Rugid MODBUS data displayed from the water company so I have something to show the board so I can convince them to buy a Groov.

How do I successfuly restart the service so I can work another 2 hours? I’ve killed the monitor in task manager and restarted it, but that’s apparently not the way.


Never mind… I RTFM and found the process…

It really is worth Reading The Fantastic Manual… Glad you got it sorted…

For those that are following along and want a quick answer… Simply right click on the [I]groov [/I]icon down in the task bar (near the time, if its hidden, click the little up arrow and show the hidden icons), stop the [I]groov [/I]server. Once its stopped, right click on it again and hit start.


Another two free hours!