Restarting multiple strategies in a certain order

We have an application on our process lines that uses three of the Opto 22 snap-pac-r1 brains. One for each of the three sections of the process. The vendor uses Wonderware for their display. Sometimes we need to restart these strategies or maybe one gets power cycled for a certain reason. We have to restart these in a certain order for the system to recognize everything and the question I have is there a way to have these restart in the specific order they need to automatically by having an “easy” button on the Wonderware screen? The vendor was going to do this but we have been waiting a while for this to happen. I am new to Opto and not sure what the best way may be or how to go about it. Any help or places you may be able to point me to so I can research this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hello @clint73
Your question sounds very similar to the one in this post, perhaps they’re related?