REST API Question

I have a simple digital output on a RIO that I have configured with the off time totalizer feature. Is there any way with one of the REST APIs to restart this totalizer? I can read the totalizer value pretty easily, but didn’t see anything in the API documentation for restarting it.

Configuring / resetting totalizers is a PAC Control command. We don’t generally provide RESTful access to commands on a RIO since its not running a PAC Control strategy.

You will have to set something up with Node-RED in a RIO.
This thread here by @torchard might be a seed to get you started:

@Beno: thank you for the confirmation. I’ll likely just use one of my other controllers for resetting the value. Everything you said makes sense, and I’m not sure the thread you linked will help much since I’m dealing with a digital point, not an analog one.

@Beno: I’m not sure how I missed this in the API documentation, but the off-time totalizer for a digital point can be cleared via the manage API: /api/v1/io/local/modules/0/channels/1/digital/feature/clear. Does exactly what I was looking for.