Resetting Ignition Edge Configuration on Groov RIO

We inadvertantly changed a port number in ignition edge (I believe from 8043 to 8042) and can no longer access the gateway on our Groov RIO device. We think the best path to restoration would be to “factory reset” the Ignition Edge information.

Is there a way to revert the on-board Ignition edge configuration back to default without factory resetting the Groov RIO device?

We have tried disabling and re-enabling ignition edge. we have also tried to enable regular ignition, but have been unable to access the gateways in either case.

I would have to dig around, but if you have shell there might be a way to tweak a conf file in the Linux file system.
Beyond that, paper clip and start again…

I would try to temporarily enable the 8042 port in the groov Manage firewall (allow the 8042 port until you can switch the gateway back to listening on the default port). Then in your browser, specify the new port as part of the URL.

Indigo’s recommendation above worked for us. Thanks for the help on this.

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