Reset Command for SB2

Looking through the forums and through the Opto Command List, I couldn’t seem to find anything pertaining to sending a command to a Brain (SNAP-PAC-SB2) to perform a reset.

In our case, we’d want to only manually trigger it through the PAC Display Pro interface.

Any idea how we might be able to make this happen?

Welcome to the forums.!

I have not done it, but I believe that the serial brains have the same memory map space as the Ethernet ones.
You should be able to write this command to this address and have it reset.

If not, come back and we will dig a little deeper.

EDIT: I took a look at doc 1465, the OptoMMP protocol guide.

Here is a screenshot of the reset MMP address;

Awesome, thanks for the response. We’ll give it go.