Requiring Password Change

We have a customer reporting that they are getting multiple requests for password change throughout the day. Is there any issue you may be aware of, which would trigger a password change request without the user doing that themselves?

I wonder, is the customer using LDAP?
That’s the only thing that I can think would be nagging to change their password. (And it would be the customer IT dept LDAP settings doing it, not the RIO).
There is no ‘timer’ or such in RIO or EPIC to ask for a password change. There has been some talk about adding an inactivity auto logout function, but that has not been implemented yet.

Not using LDAP. It doesn’t make sense to me either, yet…

I could see a customer using different browsers or incognito or something without knowing, and reporting having to login too much, but reports of being asked to change password on the same account is baffling, and with the login changes re:LDAP I thought I’d ask.

If it persists I’ll see about getting a repro. case. Thanks for the response.

Any chance you could get some screen shots from the customer when the password change pops up?
That would be really helpful (and interesting) to see where it is coming from - ie, what terms are used.
Even some cell phone photos would be invaluable to track this down.