Request: SSH on the RIO

Just received the RIO last week, and have to say it’s a SOLID piece of hardware, built on the well tested groov tech stack, and a real joy to work with. We plugged in our USB based modbus hardware, and it worked right out of the box. Not that I was surprised, but ok, I was a little surprised :slight_smile: Kudos!

Of all the greatness associated with the RIO, the one thing I’d like to register is our desire for SSH access. Our customers rely on us to install and manage complex systems, and shell access is a tool we use to keep their systems running well.

There are ways around almost anything, so while it’s not strictly required, it is highly valuable. If you’re a craftsman, you know how to remove a bolt with a pair of pliers or strip wire with a knife, but having the right tool for the job lets you deliver consistent, high quality work.

Thank you for the work you’ve put into the RIO, and for letting me bend your ear.

Thanks Loren. Appreciate the write up.
We will reach out to you in an email and ask more about the shell requirements.
As as an aside, have you experimented much with the ‘exec’ node in Node-RED, it allows a lot of (non sudo) commands and actions at command line level.

The Node-RED exec node is the duct tape and bailing wire I keep under the front seat to get me out of a bind. From a time standpoint, it has been over 50% of my RIO experience.

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