Replacement Controls

I have a client that has a SLC System. It is a 13 slot rack. It has 1 - 4 Channel Thermo Card, 1 - 4 Channel Analog Output Card, 6 - 16 pt 120VAC Inputs and 4 - 16 pt 120VAC Outputs.
If I wanted to replace that system with Opto22, I would need 42 slots for my I/O. Does that mean I would need 3 - brains and 2 - 16 slot racks and 1 - 12 slot rack? Will Opto ever have a 120V input/output card with more than 4 points? Any ideas on this?

Also, anyone out there have any suggestions for ethernet radio modems to work (very stable) with an R1?

Have you looked at the G4 breakout board that you can connect to a 32 channel modules?

3 for your inputs and 2 for your outputs. Then you would only need one brain and rack.

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I checked that out (the G4 board), but I don’t have the panel space for all of that. Obviously, I don’t have the room for 3 racks either. I do like the idea (extra work, but ehh) of converting the signals and using the 32 point cards. Since each I/O signal goes to a terminal block, I could use slim line relays and use those with 32 point cards and a cable with flying leads. The relays aren’t as robust as the Opto22 output cards, but it would work. Thanks philip.

Sounds like a plan - make sure whoever is building the panel with those 32 count leads pays close attention which way around those leads go. I had a customer that had to rewire all 32 points on a couple of modules cause the panel builder hooked it up backwards.

Also, verify the response time on those 32 point modules will meet your needs.

Wonder if stand offs would work if you have the panel depth? I wouldn’t want to be the apprentice having to replace a module on the bottom board though. :wink:

So I was just building a new system (the SNAP I/O Config) for a project I will be quoting and found out there is a 16 point AC Input Module (SNAP-IAC-16). Is this a new card? Or has this always been there?

@Drenton The SNAP-IAC-16??

Heh, I don’t know how I missed that. I feel silly. I could have sworn I looked to see if there was a 16 point input card at one time. Guess I missed it. Maybe I just knew there wasn’t a 16 point AC output card. I don’t know, but that’s great. That makes converting the SLC system to Opto22 so much easier. Thanks Ben

I missed this before too, I have what I thought were all the module datasheets here on my computer. What I missed is that the high density digital modules have their own datasheet.

So when you are looking at 0773 SNAP Digital Input Modules - none of the high density digital input modules are listed or mentioned. Perhaps it would be clearer if this datasheet was named something else or gave mention to the high density version?

It is probably better to refer to datasheet 1569 when looking for modules - or go through the website.