Replacement battery SNAP-PAC-R1-FM

Hello people,

I have 6 SNAP-PAC-R1-FM as a spare part to replace when necessary, however it has two controllers that the internal battery (3VDC) is with 2.2VDC. My doubts:

  1. can I lose the program?
  2. If I turn on the power, will the battery charge?
  3. What is the battery replacement procedure?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Here is the page that talks about it from the R1 manual;

You need to open up the controller to change the battery, so yes, you may lose your RAM backed data, but if your program is stored in flash (which it should be), then you won’t lose that.
(Hint, use PAC Terminal to inspect the controller and see where the strategy is stored).

Please take a look at the date code on each of your controllers… As you can see mentioned, if its manufactured before July 1st 2007 the battery is not a rechargeable type which just means you need to be mindful of what type of battery you replace it with.

From chapter three of the same doc we get the replacement part number (for the rechargeable type).

Thank you so much for the information,
from what I saw, my program is installed in the flash memory. One doubt: in RAM memory it is used only to store fluctuating information.

Correct. The battery backed RAM is for persistent variables and other data.

Be sure and use OptoTagPreserve Updated OptoTagPreserve to back up your data just like you should before a firmware update.
Of course you should also have many copies of your current strategy in many locations as well.

Seizing the opportunity; Can I download the strategy via PAC CONTROL BASIC? or you have another suggestion.
I apologize for the basic doubts, but here in Brazil this type of controller is not common. I am learning more about him.

Thank you.

If you really do mean download, then sure, that controller is compatible with both PAC Control Basic and Pro so you can download your strategy from either version of PAC Control.

If you mean Upload, as in get the strategy out of the controller, then no, you are out of luck.
Looking at your very own screenshot;

You can see that there is no archive stored in the controller, so you can not upload (which you do via PAC Terminal - Retrieving PAC Control Stategy from Controller) the strategy.